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Our mission is to ensure that our affordable heating solutions evolve to meet changing needs while maintaining the high quality of service we have based our reputation on.


Our strategy consists of sustained investment into all areas and aspects of our organisation to maintain our leadership as Social Housing Energy Specialists.


We do not have a ‘One Solution Fits All’ approach. We work closely on building our relationships with our clients to find the right solution for you.


Our success has come from over 30 years of delivering reliable and affordable heating services and ensuring our customers’ needs are met.

Robert Heath Heating was founded in 1979, originally as a local central heating installer, and we have grown become one of the leading independent specialist gas heating contractors and energy specialists in the UK.

Robert Heath Heating specialises in providing domestic and commercial gas heating installation, service and maintenance services to Social Housing, and is currently engaged in long term contracts with Housing Associations and Local Authorities, covering over 100,000 properties from Penzance to Newcastle upon Tyne.

We always strive to be ahead of our competitors in the use of Information Systems to administer our gas servicing and maintenance contracts. We have pioneered the use of Information Systems to enable smooth running of our operations. We were the first to produce online generated Landlord Gas Safety Certificates, defining new standards and bringing about change in a resistive Industry.Our Information Systems applications are bespoke for our Company and we partner with world class hardware vendors to achieve exceptionally reliable systems. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself…Click here to find out about our partnerships with Worldwide renowned organisations Cisco and IBM..

Our award winning training academy has  been put in place for our engineers, so we are able to perform onsite training to all our engineers as and when we they need it. The academy exclusively available to all our engineers, and we proud to announce that all of the training is given in house from one of the Robert Heath Heating team.

We recognise the importance of reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and wish to play our part in working towards carbon reduction targets. But in addition, we have always prided ourselves on our ability to innovate and embrace new technologies both in management of our contracts and in the products and service we offer to our customers. We are in the dawn of a age to embrace new energy technologies. Feed in tariffs, Renewable Heat Incentives and the Green Deal and our clients in the social housing sector, in particular, are under pressure to participate. We have always seen ourselves offering more than simply the ability to remedy your boiler issues and now we have the opportunity, thanks to our continuous investment into research, development and training, to offer expertise as “energy” rather than simply “gas” contractors.

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